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Usability Testing on Food Delivery App

Understanding usability problems in user interface design in Food Delivery App using Heuristic Evaluation Research Methodology

Food app1 .png
Research Goal
To evaluate if a user can order food on time at their preferred location for one or more people through this application. To understand if the app is usable,  enjoyable, and inclusive.

Project Overview

  • Figma

  • Mural

  • Zoom 

  • Excel sheets


Size: 5 member

Duration : 4 months


Neilson Norman's 10 Usability Heuristics 

My Role

Team Lead and facilitator

My Responsibilities

  • User research - Heuristic Evaluation 

  • Designed Affinity Map

  •  User Interview 

  •  Usability Testing 

  •  Data analysis 

  •  Prototyping to showcase revised design

Research Roadmap
Group 632005.png
Heuristic Evaluation
Competitive Analysis
Testing Methodology Approach
Usability Testing  
Issue and Recommendation
User Research Methods
Conducted a heuristic evaluation on all of the screens and decided to work on the screen which is more problematic and needed immediate fixes.
Group 632009.png
Based on the evaluation, key areas that needed improvements are: 
  • Consistency & standards

  • Aesthetic & minimalist design

  • Visibility of system status

Categorized the screen based on this Severity Rating:

Group 631991.png

Find complete Report Here.

Fig : Neilson Norman's 10 Usability Heuristics principle

Conducted SWOT analysis and Feature comparison with Direct and Indirect Competitors 

Group 632012.png
Things I learned from user research
  •  Heuristic evaluations help to focus on more relevant areas so that we can focus on important  problems and resolve them.
  • How do the competitors focus on their target audience?
  • How SWOT  analysis can help our product to stand out in the market by understanding their competition in depth?
Participant Data Summary
Data collection Methods
Group 632013.png
Participant Summary
participant icon.png

5 participants


Not Quoted, ideally a mix

age icon.png


Participant Experiences

Participants Food ordering experience

food order option.png
  • Either experience in ordering food using the mobile app or no experience at all.

  • Participants with 1+ person in their household besides themselves.

Overall Experience

overall experince.png
  • Either expert using smartphone applications, including digital wallets, or a novice using smartphone applications.


  • Screen out participants who work for any food delivery app/websites in-app development or design and anyone who has participated in product/market research in the last six months.

Testing Methodology 
  • We conducted 5 moderated usability tests with one moderator and one notetaker.
Analysis of Test Data  

Listing all the issues per task after conducting participant interview. Think-aloud protocol was implemented

Notetaker - Affinity Mapping 1.png

Major Usability Issue were from three heuristic principle

Notetaker - Affinity Mappingc 1.png

SUS questions with SUS score

Task Success score. The greater the value of level score, the simple and easy is task flow


SUS Test analysis

  • Learned to design recruiter screener questionnaire,  Participant form, and Moderator script.

  • Know how to conduct user interviews and maintain a code of conduct while taking interviews.

  • Hands-on experience in analyzing the data to draw insights that help to create a more usable design solution.

  • Understood users' expectations, business needs, and market competition for the online food delivery industry.

  • Got a step-by-step understanding of complete usability testing methodology.

  • Learned work in a team, and grow together.

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