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Cook Easy: An app to make your life simple

The Cook Easy app is aimed at helping people to manage their pantry clutter, organize grocery shopping and provide recipe recommendations aiming to make life simple and healthy.

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Project Overview 

Using Agile Methodology and through the design sprint system, we applied user-centered design concepts to learn about user needs, identify user problems and come up with the most optimal design solutions through several iterations of the design process.

Project Timeline : 6 weeks

Team member: 4 

My role : Team leader and UX designer/researcher

My Responsibilities: 

  • User research

  • Ideation

  • Prototyping

  • Information architecture

  • Communication and co-ordination


" How can we alleviate the tedium associated with the cooking and meal planning, and effectively reduce feelings of frustration?"

User research 

Conducted user interview to know better about user's need, pain points and opportunities

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Limited items in pantry 

Not enough tine to cook

Novice in cooking

User Testimonials

Testimonials 4.png

User Persona

Slide 16_9 - 1.png

User Journey 

Our Process.png

Information Research


Starting the Design

After user research, conducted affinity mapping to find out different categories and its organization in application.

Affinity Mapping.png

Ideated the idea  by sketching on a paper to get tentative idea on application design.


Digital Wireframes 

Building on our paper wireframes, we trialed various digital wireframes to find the best way to present information to maximize usability.

Frame 13966 1.png

Low-fidelity Wifi 

Created low-fidelity prototypes for 8 critical user tasks

image 8.png

Conducted Usability testing on low-fidelity design to find out its usefulness and go through the following responses.

​1)  Split up onboarding screens to reduce cognitive load.
Modify the ingredients list to identify from a controlled vocabulary.
Increase font sizes for better readability.
4) Change the units of the used pantry from lbs/oz to slices/bowls/tablespoons (user language).
5) Add speaking instructions before tapping to avoid ambiguity.
6) Add descriptions to improve understanding of functionalities (missing pantry, add ingredients to filter recipes).
7) Add highlights on the icon representing the current tab to improve navigation.
8) Add more icons on the recipe and shopping page for a better understanding.
9) Highlight current instruction on the tutorial page to improve focus

Refining the design

Medium- Fidelity

Revised low-fidelity screens based on learnings from usability testing.Added more features to improve fidelity before taking feedback from initial participants.

mid -fi 2.png

High -Fidelity 

After revision and feedback, we moved on to visual design. Introducing visuals and colors improved the overall usability of the product as participants we tested with were able to navigate better.

iPhone 12 Mockup.png
Group 13970.png


Through this course and project, we learned:

  • A different design approach is where we begin by understanding the nature of the content and its interrelationships.

  • How controlled vocabulary plays an integral part in forming relationships between diverse areas of an app ecosystem.

  • How putting emphasis on organization, navigation, labeling, and search can impact and improve the overall user experience.

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